Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you see in color or black and white?

That was the question posed on this blog. It is in an interesting question and one that I think I can answer quickly. Color of course!!! BUT, what I have noticed is that when I am editing pictures of a baby, a pregnant momma, or even a graduate…black and white seems to be the ticket! Very interesting for sure! The thing is, I think that most people have a preference and there is no wrong answer :)!

In any case, I am working on this assignment on i heart faces site so these are two of the pics I am considering. I am not good at adding verbiage like they asked, but I just love the pictures and they seemed like a good place to share them. In any case, here is the prime example of, “do you prefer it in black and white or color”, kind of moment.

iheartfaces 1iheartfaces 1 bw I heart faces 2 IMG_6954 I heart faces 2 IMG_6954 bw

Personally, I still think these little honies look better in color. What do you think?

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  1. I love the color in this instance, and you know I am a black and white kinda gal when it comes to portraits.