Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ordering Prints


I have been experimenting between two different printing companies. Both are just fine for me in the end. This one above though was from WHCC. I have ordered from them more often than the Colorinc company that I have gotten things from twice now. I think I appreciate having options as I walk out trying to print out things.


The picture I had printed above was of Clarisse and I have  plans to do a fun collage thing in my living room (in the space where the TV once was), but I had to experiment with some different printing options. You know how you imagine something to look based on its words and then get it and go, “hmmm, that was not what I had in mind”  or  “yeah, that is exactly what I had in mind.” 


This moment it was a “yeah, that is exactly what I had in mind” moment. This one above is an 11x14 sized picture printed on mat board. It is perfect. I have it setting in an old window frame in my office to keep it safe until I am able to finish my project. I love also seeing my photography printed out instead of just on computer screen.


Ooooh, this is fun!

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