Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Day Swimmin’

On Wednesdays we continue to meet Minsan’s parents at the pool for a time of swimming and fun. Some days it is just too dark in the pool area, but this time it was just barely light enough and I set my camera to an ISO of 1600 to make up for the rest!


Will has gotten so good at kicking with his feet's and even using his hands to move himself around.


Here is Zech upset about the temperature…he got over it later and had lots of fun!


Jeremiah and Clarisse were doing crazy, plug your ear, and kick swimming, LOL!


See…Zechy got over it :)!


Duncan just loves all the action with his grandpa.


Yeah for another great swim time together! Thanks Gloria and Chip for making this time possible, the kids are so lovin’ it!!!!

On a side note and a plug for my 50 mm lens…all these pictures above are taken with my 50 mm 1.8 lens. I didn’t use my flash at all. For all intensive purposes it looks like these pictures were taken in the middle of a sunny day right? Well, it was more like 5:00 pm here in MN which you all know is more like dusk. Personally, I think they turned out quite well and I was able to capture the enjoyment of the kid’s time at the pool.

Now a year ago before I got this lens, the pool pictures just didn’t look as amazing. Here is one that was taken around 1:00 pm on a nice day AND I had to use my flash since my camera couldn’t take a non-blurry picture inside the building without it.


What a difference from this shot eh?


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