Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girlfriends I Heart Faces Challenge


At first when I saw this post on I Heart Faces, I wasn’t sure I could even join in. As much as I have some pictures of my girlfriends (I just don’t have enough that is for sure!) I was pretty sure that I didn’t have one that would be worth entering…. UNTIL, I remembered this shot! I did a quick Daydream Action edit on it from Coffeeshop and I was happy! Yeah for a great picture to be able to enter!

What I thought was interesting is that once I uploaded my picture to the Flickr site, I began to see what others had entered. I was surprised by all the little girls… I only say I was surprised because I hadn’t thought about my daughter’s girlfriends at all for this challenge, I only thought of my own :)!

To all my girlfriends out there…I love ya!!!!

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