Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scenes from my drive through Richmond

IMG_4240 copyIMG_4238 copyIMG_4244 copyIMG_4248 copyIMG_4254 copyIMG_4260 copy
They are taking down the train bridge over in Richmond. It is amazing what a manual process that is! These guys had to be freezing!IMG_4270 copyIMG_4283 copyIMG_4302 copyIMG_4311 copyIMG_4264 copy
This specific day was that dreary day I was complaining about on Facebook. All my shots have the dreary, dreary look that I felt that day! Especially the one below. What amazed me is that the very next day it was sunny and bright and you would have no idea that it had been like this the day before!IMG_4262

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