Monday, January 24, 2011


IMG_0090 copy
In the 8 years that I have been living in Cold Spring, I actually didn’t know what was up this little road. One day last August, I decided to follow the path and see where it led.
Yep, there is a little chapel up there that has been kept up nicely and has beautiful flowers too!IMG_0008 copyIMG_0012 copyIMG_0014 copyIMG_0017 copy
Here is the chapel there.IMG_0018 copyIMG_0019 copy
The doors that you can open and find…IMG_0030 copyIMG_0031 copy
…a little mini church. I think they actually keep candles burning 24/7.
IMG_0027 copyIMG_0029 copy
But what really kept capturing my eyes were the serene flower beds…sweet flowers everywhere!IMG_0086 copyIMG_0032IMG_0035 copyIMG_0039 copyIMG_0043 copyIMG_0047 copyIMG_0058 copyIMG_0059 copyIMG_0062 copyIMG_0065 copyIMG_0068 copyIMG_0071 copyIMG_0075 copyIMG_0081 copyIMG_0083 copy
In any case, I love following little roads and seeing what I find. I am actually a little amazed at what I can find in my little town.

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