Sunday, January 23, 2011


So I have decided that it could work to have a few of my pictures up for sale out on Etsy. Scary move, but thought I would try it out. Do I fully know what I am doing, probably not…is it worth trying, yep. It is a really small cost to put things out there for sale, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. You know what was even more strange, knowing what shots to share “for sale”. Honestly, I would sell any of my pictures for sale if someone wanted them. I really love taking pictures and would be thrilled if it would bring a smile to someone else’s life. What happens if they don’t sell at all, well I think I will be okay with that too. The extra money sure would be nice as I have plenty of photography items on a list to get, but again, if this isn’t the way, then the Lord will show another way. I am okay with that too! Here I go…

I am going to have to really scour my shots from the past few years and see if there are any others that I might deem worthy. If you think of any others you have seen and love and think would work out there, please, please let me know!

Thanks everyone for your support!

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