Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365

I can’t believe it, I am one month into this project and it is actually going quite well. I definitely took a lot more pictures in the month of January than I might have gotten around to if I hadn’t taken on the challenge. Over all though I think it is quite enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what else is photographed this year.

I am actually posting daily at this site. In addition to that there is a site that helps with uploading to Facebook without thinking. Here is the link to that site too. It has been fun to peak at others from all over world doing this same thing. Very enjoyable!

What I am really enjoying too is having others in on the project…camaraderie is really of great encouragement with something like that, that is for certain! So, if you get bored, I highly suggest that you wander over and check out all of them…and often, they are amazing! Cheryl, Dawn and Dave, Rhonda and Shannon…my 365 Photo Project friends! Thanks for going on this ride with me!


  1. Very cool. Feel free to link up with my Project 365 if you would like to. :)

  2. How awesome!! You go girl. Sometimes all it takes is a little accountability and then creativity soars! :)