Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fall Photoshoot-The Potter’s

I was invited to take the Potter’s Family Photos last fall. But since we didn’t want anyone to see them before Christmas, I hadn’t shared them before. Thought I would save some of my favorites for ya ‘all to see. I took them at the Quarry in St. Cloud. It was an awesome place to capture their family!IMG_5965 color
IMG_5956 color 2
IMG_5953 j sunchine
IMG_5978 soft faded
IMG_5995 soft faded
IMG_6077 fresh color
IMG_6105 color
IMG_6184 color
IMG_6202 lovely
IMG_6223 70s
IMG_6228 lovely color
IMG_6255 lovely color
These additional shots were taken at the Potter’s.
IMG_6935 color
IMG_6973 fresh color
IMG_6984 color
IMG_7019 color
IMG_7029 color
I had such a great time and really loved the opportunity to capture them. Thanks Robin for asking me!!!

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