Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wanna a chance to win a Latte?

The Winner has been picked and it was Noel (she posted her comment on Facebook)!

Your job is to look at the three pictures below and tell me which one is your favorite. From those votes, I will do a random integer run of them and pick a winner. I think they all our special on their own merit, but wanted to see what everyone else loves too. The winner will have the choice of either a $5.00 gift card to Caribou or Starbucks. Have fun :)!
1. IMG_6110_filtered2. IMG_6106 fair food 3. IMG_6108_filtered


  1. I like number one the best, two second and three third. One has lots of personality in it (to my eyes) and two has the eating thing going...when compared to them, three isn't as interesting.
    If I win, will you join me for coffee?

  2. yeah, I'm with Dawn. Except I LOVE Chloe in number 2. What to do?

  3. I like #2 because it is the one that looks least posed. In 1 and 3, at least one child is looking directly at the camera and/or smiling at the camera. So often we only get pictures of people who know they are "on", but I really like seeing the "in between" moments that catch other angles of their faces, aspects of their personality, etc.