Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bird Trivia

Well, not trivia, but information I am learning along the way while watching the bird life in my raspberry bushes.

Here is my first documentation of the yellow bird. Take note that there is just one wee little egg. This was on June 13th.  IMG_3973 copy IMG_3967 copy This picture was taken on June 18th…take note that there is more than one egg…I think she laid a total of 3.IMG_4643 copy Here is the momma after her babies hatched on June 28th. IMG_5628 copy2 Here I am a little braver on June 29th. Baby Bird in my Raspberry Bushes Here is the momma watching from close by. She moved so often that I couldn’t get a “great” pic of her. Minsan and I have determined that she is a warbler. Based on her color and the look of her eggs when she was born. This site talks about them: IMG_5658 copy They are growing fast now, check them out today…and check out how big the one on the left is. Not so sure the little ones will make it. In fact that big one is just HUGE compared to the other ones. Survival of the fittest that is for sure!IMG_5850 copyIMG_5821 copyIMG_5845 copy This is all there is for today! Hopefully they will continue to survive the weather and the pests around here.

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