Friday, July 9, 2010

Something new were trying out…

Our camcorder died and so did our little point in shoot that also took video for us in the mean time. So, after much ado about nothing, we decided to buy the Kodak PlaysSports video camera. It is tiny like the a phone, but does video really quite well. HD even. I had originally walked into Best Buy to check them out with Minsan with the intent that I would just love the Flip. BUT, after handling all the products that Best Buy offers, the Kodak PlaySport stood out hands down.  We hadn’t even seen the video quality yet, but the quality and durability of the Kodak one really stood out. The ability to take still shots if necessary stood out. The ability to go underwater or be in the rain with it all stood out. All of which the Flip couldn’t do. Even thought the extreme simplicity of the Flip had first appealed to me, the Kodak stood out even more. Price wise, I think that for a new product for all I got with the Kodak, the Kodak will have cost me a little less with all the features it offers.

Here is the information from Kodak’s website: .

To save money though we bought it on though for a smaller price and bought the 8 gig memory card at the same time from there. Best Buy is just an overpriced monger when it comes to memory cards. Online all the way baby!

Here is a video we found comparing the Kodak to the Flip. Minus the low light quality not being amazing, it was nice to see that the Kodak held up quite well and even performed great.

In the end, I feel pretty good that we made  a good decision to buy the Kodak PlaySport. It didn’t cost the full amount as a regular full sized camcorder (which is why we bought it for now) and yet we won’t be missing some fun video moments of our kids growing up. That was the final decision making thought. Nice too is that the camera fits snuggly in my purse :)!

Below is one video that I tossed together from us taking some sample video. It was us swimming at the pool the other day. I didn’t edit out the boring parts so keep in mind that it is too long when I merged all the little shorts together, but why not, it was the kids having fun. The great part….it is in the water! Woohoo!!!

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