Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“This is Life”

This is LIfeAs stolen from someone (thank you someone!), who stole it from someone…I am starting a new series called, “This is Life”. My plan is to do my best to post one thing a day on “this is life”. Not the normal family life stuff that I share where I give you a whole story and pics with our “adventures” on my family blog, don’t worry, that will still continue as normal there. I am thinking more along the lines of one pic that should tell the whole story of something in our daily life, or something that may leave you hanging in our daily life. Surely nothing fancy, just something to challenge me in my photography and blogging ;)!

If you so decide to do this too, just steal the above pic and post it with your posts so we all know that you are doing it too :)! Have fun and enjoy the adventure of a new series and a new challenge!

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