Friday, July 30, 2010

Current Flowers in My Own Yard

IMG_7957 copy IMG_7921 copy IMG_7940 IMG_7943 copy IMG_7946 copy IMG_7949

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  1. Love that you caught that bee on the flower - great detail.

    I too thought I would just print my entire blog with blog2print, but it was much more than I wanted to spend. I figured I will try to do it yearly instead. It wasn't super cheap, but I figured by the time I had all my images printed and then put into books, and the time it would take to do that . . . well, the price seemed about right. And your right . . . then I would have lost the print content, and I wanted to preserve that as well. An electronic book would be good too - yes, get your copies out to your family - just in case. Good idea.
    Thanks for stopping by again!