Friday, April 2, 2010

Ships from Duluth, August 2008

I told everyone at the Camera Club meeting last night that I would share some of my photos I took from when the tall ships were in Duluth the summer of 2008. It was mentioned that they will be back and if you can get up there it is quite spectacular! Plan to wait in long lines or get there really early! Here is the link to the current information out there.

IMG_6209IMG_6202   ships too ship too IMG_6079  IMG_6082 IMG_6085 IMG_6181 

This was the closest I had been able to get to the ships that day. I would have loved to have gotten on to them and been able to get some more close ups, but the lines were very, very long!!!


This is from Enger Tower with my 70-300 mm lens.

enger ship

Here is Enger Tower and some other views from it. It is the tallest point in Duluth! There are amazing views and also amazing gardens down below it. I highly recommend it!

enger 6 editedenger 9 enger 4 

Anyway, that was my experience with the ships being in Duluth, August 2008.

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