Friday, April 23, 2010

Fix it Friday at I Heart Faces!


Alright, here we go! Here is the original photo we were asked to work with today! Love the snow on her cap and the smiley face!4544332087_b7c7d6e136_b

Here is my tweaked photo. I cropped her, sharpened her. I opted to try and correct the blurry snow piece by her eyes and her cheek that was white from her big smile, it isn’t perfect, but not quite as distracting. I also ran a defog on her and then warmed up the picture a little.

4544332087_b7c7d6e136_b fine tuneFor additional fun I ran PW’s Seventies action on her and came up with this one below. I think it is actually really sweet!  4544332087_b7c7d6e136_b fine tune seventies

I also like this colorized action too. Some color, but faded just seems sweet on this shot!

4544332087_b7c7d6e136_b fine tune colorized

Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more work done on the same photo! There are some amazing editors out there and it is worth the walk over to check it out :)!