Monday, April 5, 2010

I Heart Faces – Dessert Edition

I Heart Faces assignment was to post a dessert recipe, PW style. I don’t have to time to take new pictures, but I did take these before and I think they fit the assignment just fine :)!
Chocolate Covered Cranberries
What you need: 1 bag Chocolate Chips and 1 Bag Fresh Cranberries
Here are the steps to follow…

IMG_1148_filteredPoor the chocolate chips into a microwave safe container. Heat the chocolate chips until they are melted.  IMG_1144_filtered
Dip the cranberries into the melted chocolate. Remove them carefully and set them individually onto wax paper so the melted chocolate solidifies.
Once it has solidified and cooled, toss them into a bowl and serve to your guests. They can also be saved in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them.
IMG_1149 copy
They are a very interesting treat that is for sure. I found myself going back again and again for more ;)!


  1. oh wow! looks delicious.

  2. They look delicious! And not quite as terrible for you as everything else I am seeing today! Yum!