Friday, April 16, 2010

Fix it Friday


Today’s Fix it Friday included this photograph. Here is the beginning. 4524891980_feef0d364c

I opened the JPG in the RAW editor and edited the levels to brighten it up and tone down the yellow. At that point I created a very noisy picture and had to run it through my Noiseware program to tone it down.

4524891980_feef0d364c 2

I know I lost some texture, but I have decided that it was worth it for the recovered face on this pretty girl.

4524891980_feef0d364c 2_filtered 

After that I ran the Lovely PW action and added a vignette. There you have it, my rendition of this lovely lady in front of a barn :)!

4524891980_feef0d364c 2_filtered copy