Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Day I was an Aerial Photographer

Someone needed some aerial shots of their property and I was hired to go up with a pilot and take them. I find flying in small planes frightening and thrilling all at the same time. I was excited that the morning we went up it was perfectly sunny in spite of the chill in the air.

On the way to shooting the property I happily snapped shots from the air. It was the perfect time to go up and capture the harvested fields and the changing fall colors. These were taken on September 24th and I was actually a little surprised that there were fewer trees that were changed in color. On the ground at that time it really seemed like a lot more.

I thought that it actually looked like a vacuum had gone through and neatly vacuumed all the crops away. Do you see it too?

Just like that we were back to the little Paynesville Airport. Seriously, a perfect flight. My pilot was amazing and kept my ride smoother than any I have ever had before (This is my third time flying in a little plane). I was so thankful for the fun opportunity!

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