Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Weekend Off

My hubby and I had a chance to stay at the Hotel 340 in St. Paul this weekend. It was great to stay in a wonderful old building and yet have great amenities in our room, like great fluffy white bedding, huge tvs, and great big sectional to snuggle on.The foyer was a two story with amazing architecture.
We had a great dinner at a restaurant called WA Frost and Company. Another awesome old building that has been re-purposed into a great restaurant. Yummy food. I only snapped a couple pictures since it was a dark place, but so good. 

The following day we were able to grab lunch at Biaggi's. It is one of my favorite places in the cities. For sure the fact that they provide me gluten free bread makes me super happy! It wasn't the only thing to love, I had a great meal and so did my husband. One of the best.

We checked out all our favorite places to shop, hung out together and had fun! Our weekend was great and we are ready for the week ahead!

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