Monday, October 1, 2012

Cold Spring, MN Peak Fall Colors


I drove around for a little while today to capture a few of the neighborhoods in my town to make sure I don’t miss the colors. I get nervous as we get further into fall that I will miss it. Around here it is just wonderful to drive around even if you aren’t using your camera. It is a painted landscape like no other. This was just in our town, I can only imagine how amazing it is out in the country today. Might just need to do something about that today!

 IMG_3036 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3061 IMG_2924 IMG_2928 IMG_2946 IMG_2950 IMG_2953 IMG_2955 IMG_2968 IMG_2973 IMG_2979 IMG_2981 IMG_2985 IMG_3007 IMG_3020

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