Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A&B's September Wedding - Cold Spring, MN Area Photographer

We had the opportunity to shoot an amazing couple back in September. They were young, full of life and had an amazing heart after God. I really love photographing weddings and the story of love as it is told throughout the day. The special details on the tables, the personal touches, plus my favorite colors made it altogether very fun!

The wedding had a travel theme associated with it. Each table had a different location and a picture to go with it. What made that especially wonderful was that each of the table names had been places that the bride had personally been. I am all for great travel and her and the groom had been a great many places.
 To play on that we made sure to capture all the details associated with that AND even play up the travel theme with pictures we took during the day.

To start the day I took pictures of the groom and his groomsmen. As always, for parts of the story that you find missing out here, be sure to head over to my partners site: http://cmelifestylephotography.wordpress.com/.

I love all the details in the wedding day. The bride and groom usually have thought about each detail so carefully, it is fun to see the dreams come to fruition. 

 After some detail shooting and such at the church the couple had their first look. Love that opportunity when the couple can see each other alone for the first time and then get to spend the rest of the day together. So sweet!

Then we took off for some formal portraits of everyone AND some fun playful ones too. For this wedding we planned on taking them to three different locations for their portraits. While we were so thankful for a beautiful sunny day, shooting in the middle of the day meant finding locations that were not in the bright sun. The bridal party were such troopers as we ventured to our three spots and thankfully no one got lost.

 Here we are at the second location. I loved this old brick building in Cold Spring.

 Here is where we brought in the travel theme again. The couple is off on their adventure. Loved that they had a suitcase for us to play around with.
At the final location we were able to incorporate it one more time. Seriously, isn't this just awesome!!?!
 Feel the love!!

 I just love capturing close up portraits of each of the bridal party members.

 These were the final pics at the last location. The bride was so perfect for this look.
 I have to say, this might be my favorite shot of the day. I hope the bride loved it too!
After some family shots that day, the bride and groom had a few minutes before the wedding ceremony, which was altogether lovely.
 Congratulations to the new husband and wife!
 We were able to run outside quick as the sun was setting and grab a handful of newlywed pictures. I was so glad they were able to have a few minutes together before the rest of even progressed into a great meal, great stories and happy hearts.

Congratulations A&B! I hope you have the most amazing life together!

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