Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday Swimmin’

IMG_3910 copy IMG_3914 copy 2_filtered IMG_3918 copy

Do you see it, yep my little man is swimmin’ without a life vest. He figured it all out ;)!

IMG_3924 copy IMG_3925 copy IMG_3928 copy IMG_3933 copy 

…and my girly, yep she did too!

IMG_3942 copy IMG_3945 copy IMG_3946 copy

This is Will being a motorboat. Remember the picture above of him blowing up this little tube? He did it all by himself and then he ran around the pool like a little motorboat with a huge smile on his face. It was amazing that this little guy could swim SOOOOO fast!

IMG_3956 copy IMG_3960 copy

This Wednesday routine has indeed been one of the kids’ favorite parts of the week! I am glad that they are able to have tons of fun in the middle of this bitter cold winter!

IMG_3976 copy


  1. I love that Clarisse keeps her chin out of the water...that will come in handy some day when she wears makeup;)

  2. I love the first pic where it's just duncan's little hands and the very tip-top of his head just starting to peek over the edge of the pool . . . so fun!