Thursday, February 18, 2010

The last ones left standing!


I LOVE getting roses…did you catch the LOVE? Yeah, there is something lovely about getting roses. The only downside about getting them is that they don’t always last forever…notice that the above picture shares the last four roses out of I think 18 that are now left standing. In spite of the fact that they don’t last forever, I would still love to get the roses again…they make me smile and bring life to my soul. I do not know why and may never know, but in any case, I love them. I did though take hundreds of pictures of them since they were indeed worth it. I thought it might help me remember them and think sweet thoughts of the love that gave them to me and also to help me to look forward to spring since that surely must just be around the corner…right?!!!! I think that may be true :). Maybe in the near future I will post some of the many pictures I took of my roses out on ihpoc.

Here is one that thought turned out perfect though…


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