Friday, February 26, 2010

I Heart Faces - Fix it Friday

This weeks picture was so challenging for me. She asked for the picture to have less shadow on her face while still keeping the blue skies…Yep a huge challenge!

Here is the original:


Here is my changed one:


Or this one a little cropped in:


I selected the little girl and did a layer-but to her. Then I took the background and decreased the brightness so I could increase the color for when I ran an action to lighten her up. I am quite certain that there are other ways to do this stuff, but until I totally figure it out, this will have to be my backdoor. After I did that I merged the two layers back together and ran the CoffeeShop Vivid 2 action so that it would naturally add vignette to the background.

After all that, the picture was pretty grainy so I ran the free Noiseware software and took the noise out of it. At first I didn’t think I had done enough, but in the end, now when they are side by side, it actually looks pretty good.Whew! That one took way longer than some of the other Fix it Fridays I have tried out.

Now head back to I Heart Faces and check out what everyone else has done!