Thursday, February 4, 2010

Duncan and His New Glasses


Yep he learned all about the care and upkeep of his new glasses..then he ran around amazed at what he could see that he realized had been blurry before. He double thanked Jesus when he was praying last night for his glasses. He is super happy and talks about them ALL the time! Oh, one cute thing happened. When he got his glasses they gave him a new glasses case, cleaner, AND a ring sucker. Clarisse has been struggling with a little bit of jealousy over Duncan getting new glasses (they must be very cool :)!) and the sucker really made it harder for her. Duncan, bless his little heart, decided to give her his sucker to bless her since he knew she was jealous about the glasses! Isn’t that fun?!

Personally, I think Duncan looks completely adorable in his new glasses…what do you think?

IMG_2866 copy  Today…

IMG_2921 copy_filteredIMG_2926_filtered IMG_2917_filtered

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  1. Adorable! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE glasses on kiddos. So handsome!