Friday, December 4, 2009

The life of Riley

I had the chance to take some pictures of a baby that was born to some missionaries we know. I pretty much pushed myself on them because I love practicing on newborns…isn’t he super sweet!?!
 IMG_9760 ihpoc bw_edited-1 IMG_9837 bw_filtered IMG_9738 copy IMG_9754 copy_filtered IMG_9780 2 copy_edited-1_filtered IMG_9781 2_edited-1 IMG_9790 IMG_9815 copy IMG_9820 bw copy IMG_9823 bw copy 
While I was taking his pics his older sister could not help but jump in and share in the fun! She loves her new little brother  very much :)!
IMG_9736 copy_filtered
Isn’t she adorable?
IMG_9851 copy
Here is their older brother too. He came home just as I was finishing up.
IMG_9855 copy_edited-1
They are an amazing family and I am so thankful they let me take some pictures of their family :)!

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