Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Annual Nutcracker Ballet Adventure!

We love the yearly event of heading to the Nutcracker and had such a lovely time again! We were minus one of my nieces this year and my mum  :(. I just hope that doesn’t keep happening…it would be sad to be missing people every year, I much rather have us all together.  (I feel like Josephine March in the Little Women movie when she was upset that all the sisters may never all be together again…picture my face with a big pout).
Here is one of the girls that arrived before the show started. Isn’t she just lovely?
The younger girls :)!
IMG_0540 copy_filtered
The beautiful Paramount architecture, amazing!
IMG_0605 copy_filtered
Of course we aren’t allowed to take pictures during the show :(, so I snapped shots as quick as I could at the end while the actors and actresses came out for our applause.
After the show was completely over the younger girls were eager to get on the stage and have their pictures taken with the stars.
I just loved this shot with the colors just popping so boldly! The girls (faux guys) were quite busy with all their shenanigans in the show and out. I think they had the best time of all the other participants.
She was just lovely!
We departed from the Paramount and then headed over to Ciatti’s for a quick meal.
Clarisse was pretty excited to eat out and loved the Italian restaurant option. She greatly enjoyed her Ravioli! For me, I was just tickled to check out their WHOLE Gluten Free Menu option. This is the first restaurant I have gone to that has a separate Gluten Free Menu for folks just like me.
Salad is always a yummy treat at a restaurant…why does it taste better there?
Just like the last time I ordered the Chicken Saltimboca. Many this is the tastiest thing ever!!!!!
Lorrie ordered the yummy Shrimp Cappelini…doesn’t that look fabulous!
When we were leaving I saw this shot and had to take it. The kitchen can be seen from the lobby so perfectly. It sure would be fun to just take a bunch of pictures around their kitchen if they would ever let us. Hmmmm, what fun!
IMG_0627_filteredThe day ended with a return home….ahhhh, what a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. Can't wait til my girl is older so we can do something like this. What a fun night!