Friday, November 20, 2009

Letter C

C is for Crafting with my Children.

IMG_9458 copy_filtered

I bought this little Kid’s Busy Box Kit last year and every now and again I dig one out of for the kids to do. It was of course my inspiration for today’s letter.

Step 1, open up the lovely labeled bags with all the supplies. Step 2, take the brown bag and roll the bag all the way down to create a nest.

IMG_9461 copy_filtered IMG_9463 copy_filtered

Step 3, fill the “nest” with the colorful paper grass.

IMG_9466 copy_filtered

Step 4, take the playdough and roll into small bits into perfect eggs.

IMG_9475 copy_filtered IMG_9477 copy_filtered

The final nest is sweet and wonderful and the children thoroughly enjoyed working on it. IMG_9485 copy_filteredIt is so fun to see their joyful faces when they are working on new craft projects. For cool gift ideas, the Kids Busy Box is a great solution :)!   

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