Sunday, November 1, 2009

Camera Club

I got this note from the Camera Club this week:
“Please Gather 12 images that represent your photography best and bring on USB or cd to next weeks meeting. “
Okay, that is all good and well, but I have tons of photography that I have fallen in love with since I first began…how does one choose just 12 images to represent one’s own photography. The reason that they requested a sampling is that they have galleries that club members can have on the club website and this is supposed to be my starting pics…
I need your help! I have tons of photographs that I would love to share, but they only gave me 12 slots. Help me choose!!!!
Please help me by telling me which ones are your favorites so that I can at least make sure to include them next Thursday!!!
Clarissse 810 entry copy_filtered duncan with butterfly 810 entry copy_filtered fairtime fun ihpoc IMG_1068 maybe_filtered copy IMG_1604 copy 2 IMG_2401 this one copy 3 IMG_5474 copy_filtered IMG_7182_filtered IMG_7418 drama copy maple leaf in the fall copy Maui Beach Sandles on Sandy Beach copyIMG_4215 810 ihpoc IMG_4687 copy IMG_7503 cmoody opy IMG_7637 copy IMG_2475 april sauers 07 18 09IMG_0901 copy Railroad Tracks copy basktetball IMG_6237 copy_filtered copy
Do you see what I mean? Just too many to pick from and I have even more favorites that I still haven’t shared!!!!!

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