Monday, November 9, 2009

Editing the little guy

I thought I would share some quick edits I did on little Anthony. We all know he is a beautiful baby, but a little editing makes him even more handsome!
Right here is the original file. It was the RAW picture straight out of the camera and then saved to a JPG so I could share it.
  IMG_8388 RAW no edits
Here is the picture with the Perfect PSE Workflow action from Texas Chicks Blogs and Pics. The action is supposed to defog, help with obvious blemishes and lighten eyes (which was fun to see that it brighten up this little 1/2 Philipinos blue eyes :)! I sure hope he keeps them!)
I also ran a quick noise reduction program just to get rid of anything caused by using a higher ISO since I was inside that day taking these pictures.
IMG_8388 workflow_filtered
What do you think, is it better or should I have left it alone?

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