Friday, November 13, 2009

Keep it Local: Cold Spring Chiropractic

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We actually have two different chiropractors in town and this is the one that I use quite regularly. When we first moved into town I called around to the chiropractors and asked an important question, like what would happen to my kids while I was being treated? At that time I had Duncan and Clarisse and they were too young to be running around crazy.   At Dr. Minser’s in St. Cloud they have a room that has toys in the same room that you are being treated. Since I was used to that, I was hoping for something that was similar.

Turns out that the folks at Cold Spring Chiropractic help watch my kids while I am being treated. It has been perfect! They have a little kid waiting area where my kids play and watch movies. When I had Will they snuggled him and kept great care of him. If my kids need help the staff are just always quick to step in and take care. I am so thankful that they care so much for us.

We have been going there now for over 5 years…can’t believe it! The care has changed a smidge in that he now uses the ProAdjustor system instead of the manual adjustment. What a difference. It has been great. Dr. Kinzer’s manual adjustments were fine too, but I find my recovery is much faster since he switched to this. 


So, this is my first choice in Cold Spring. It could be too, as it turns out, that they are the only ones in town that accept my current health insurance. Although I have learned to buy their yearly plan. For a smidgen of the cost of paying for each service in a year, I pay for 2 services a month and it is only like $350.00 a year. Tiny amount compared to what I get with an adjustment and the therapy.

I know that not everyone needs to go this often to the chiro, but I have some back issues that if I don’t go pretty regularly, give me a lot of pain. It is amazing how regular visits have been a wonderful thing for me. I am thankful that they provide a great service that is incredibly affordable for me.

Yeah for great small town caring!


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