Monday, September 21, 2009

…a storms a comin’

That day there were threatening clouds all day….and not many drops of rain…the clouds sure looked menacing though!

IMG_3624 copy_filtered

IMG_3618 copy

IMG_3619 copy_filtered

The lighting was not great, but I still tried to get the composition I was looking for in some of these shots. It nearly makes me want to go back and try again when it is isn’t dusk!

IMG_3626 copy_filtered

IMG_3628 copy_edited-1

I saw the cows coming home on my way home that day. It was fun to make them “stop” to look at me. Of course I didn’t want to continue distracting the cows since I am sure they were probably heading home on the same path they take every single day!

IMG_3645 copy

IMG_3649 copy

IMG_3637 copy

IMG_3639 copy

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