Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photowalk at Munsinger Garden

IMG_5524 copy

Today I spent some time with the Central MN Camera Club at Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, MN. It is a most beautiful garden and a photographer’s dream! It was a cloudy day and very foggy morning since it had rained in the night.Thankfully though the rains stopped in plenty of time to take pictures. Above are a few of the photographers that joined me.

I took 287 pictures today…yeah, sounds like a typical day for me, LOL! Below are 3 of them and the rest….well they will saved for later on when the weather is cold and the leaves are gone and all I see outside is gray, brown and white. Lets just call that drab! Winter here in MN doesn’t lend to colorful beauty, but this garden is very refreshing and will be fun to enjoy when it is indeed drab. I won’t even be editing the rest of the pictures until then. I just grabbed a few, did a quick edit and threw them out here for you to see where I was today.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day as much as I did!

IMG_5474 copy_filtered IMG_5528 copy

IMG_5558 copy

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