Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kidz Fest 2009 (2)

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Each night when the kids come out they head straight for the slushy table. Yummy treat to leave with each night. Here is Nichole coming out with her boys and my kids nearby. That was my comfort leaving my kids behind a church we don’t attend…wonderful, wonderful family :)! Thanks Nichole for watching over my babies!

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Each night the kids had contests between girls and boys. Well, the boys won the final night which afforded them to see Mary dowsed in slime!! Here is Mary all ready for the dowsing!!!

IMG_3812 copy

Here is the children’s pastor getting everyone all excited for what was about to happen!

IMG_3814 copy_filtered

Here it goes!

IMG_3818 copy_filtered

IMG_3819 copy_filtered IMG_3821 copy_filtered

Yep she was officially slimed! You are so brave Mary!!

In the end the kids really had a great, great time!

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