Friday, September 4, 2009

Right place, Right Time

Don’t you feel like you are at the right place at the right time sometimes. I felt that way today when I was picking up my food from the Dinner Connection today. Across the street from the Red River Inn is Wenners Hardware Store and there was this lovely red car sitting there. Of course I have no clue who’s it is, but I was quick to snap some pictures of it between the other traffic coming and going down Main St.

Of course I love the pictures in color, but it was fun to capture them in black and white too since it just fit the vintage look with the old car and the old buildings. Yeah, it worked for me ;)!

IMG_5053 copyIMG_5053 copy vintage

IMG_5050 copy 2 IMG_5050 copy 2_edited-1

What do you think of them, do you prefer them in color or black and white?

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