Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tulips...finally true signs of spring color!

I have yet to plant the lovely tulips in my own yard (really, I should do this!) to enjoy, but the neighbors across the street have done just that! I asked them ahead of time if I could take pictures of their flowers when they begain to bloom and they didn't mind at all (I am so thankful as they are so pretty in their simplicity!).

Here the tulips are on a Saturday afternoon...just about ready to open up.

The following day, the sun was shining and the tulips had taken over to full bloom! Beautiful!!!! I think that tulips in the spring are such a wonderful love sign from the Lord... especially for us northerners who have been hit with the black, brown, whites all winter!

What I thought was interesting is that with all the blooming tulips in a row, there was still this one lonely one that hadn't experienced full blooming yet. I am sure it was beautiful when it finally opened up, but I do find it interesting that all the others knew to bloom on time and this one didn't!

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