Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flowering Crab

This is indeed one of the most beautiful trees (in my humble opinion) that I have ever seen! Flowering Crab trees have the most amazing, amazing, amazing blossoms. On top of them being beautiful there is an amazing abundance of blossoms. Only some of them are fully open right now and I can't wait to see it in a few days! Plus, they smell amazing...even the bees think so!

I love the dark pink of the tree in my yard, but the white one at my sister's house has it's own beauty! I may share some pictures of that one in the coming days.

This tree is actually very special too. My step father's grandma was the originator of this special tree. On the family homestead lies the original, but everyone has been able to take branches from it and root it and then plant it elsewhere...such as my very own yard. My step father had tried planting one in his yard at the same time as mine 6 years ago...can you beleive that it started as a twig just 6 years ago? In any case their tree didn't survive, but mine has grown in amazing proportions. Yeah, before you know it they may be back to try a branch from mine to grow one for themselves.

Enjoy the lovely colors though of the one in my yard.

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