Thursday, May 14, 2009

...more from Mother's Day

I wanted to revist a few more pics I had taken on Mother's Day in my search for color. Mother's Day started off cloudy and cold and I was pretty sure it would be the first Mother's Day in 10 years that wasn't gonig to turn out...well, the Lord provided yet another beautiful day. By the time the morning had come to an end it was sunny, warm and beautiful!

There was also plenty of pretty flowers to take pictures of since my mother works in a greenhouse and had brought some to share with us. Aren't these just amazing...the many shades of pink in one little flower amazing me!
I had fun experimenting with family pictures and wanted to share this one of my daughter Clarisse. It was exciting to use this old red bed frame with her photoshoot. I think that is what is enjoyable with photography is that anything can be turned into a wonderful tool for brightening up a photo.
I also grabbed this abstact photo of a wind mill in my parents back yard. I love how the bright and detailed it is with the blue back drop from the wonderful sky that day.

Yeah, I hope you enjoyed Mother's day as much as I did!

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