Friday, May 22, 2009

...additional engagement photos!

I really loved working with the pictures I took of Andrea and Arnold. I played with them, messed with them, tweaked them...yeah, I tried every action I had downloaded from Coffee Shop Photography. It was a very fun experience. Did it help that my subjects were amazing...I am sure of it!

Here is a long line of pics I took (sadly, it is not all of them!) that I thought turned out wonderful. This one at the top is almost my favorite, there is another one further down that I will committ to that claim. Enjoy them all though!

I actually love the original one that is in full of color of this one, but somehow the softness of it with the love between the just works for me!
I was a little surprised by this one below being my favorite since I am such a color hound, but this one in black and white moves me. We had taken pictures similar to these and when we went back to the computer to check them out, they were gone...we loved the thought of them so much that we went back and took a few more. I am so glad we did, I think they turned out great!

I know you already saw this one, but I just love how it looks like vintage painting!

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