Friday, April 17, 2009

Toys, are great color too!

The other day the kids were watching a show and Minsan and I noticed that all the colors on the show were bright primary colors. Of course we determined that the majority of children's programs are bright and cheery...I understand that the kids just love it and are very attracted to it. Even if they are flipping through channels, children know right away if they have stumbled onto a child program.
My question for the day is, if many of us miss color in everything and it seems that most adults do enjoy color, then why is CSI: Miami the only brightly colored show out there? Everything else in the adult world seems to be less us adults not deserve to see bright colors too? Just a strange thought I had today...
Back to the picture... We were at the doctor's office yesterday and they had a toy for the kids to play with while we were waiting...of course, it caught my eye because of it's bright colors. See, if I pay attention, my photography can indeed capture color somewhere, even at the doctor's office.
Lucky kids, get to enjoy color all the time! I wonder what I can do to change that for my own enjoyment this point, I would probably just be happy with green grass!

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