Monday, April 13, 2009

Actions, I am figuring this stuff out!

Ahhhh, the torment I go through not knowing software!!!!! I just don't always understand my Photoshop Elements, but I won't give up! PTL there are others that know it better than me! So, I found a person online that was giving away the actions she created for PSE for FREE! Did you hear that? FREE!!! I was so excited!

Here is her site: My excitement may sound a little unnecessary, but I have had troubles finding actions available for free online that would work for my Photoshop Elements program. There are plenty for the full version of Photoshop, but not for my version. BUT, thankfully, not only did I find this lady, but she is kind to share for free!

Here is also a lady that has taken the time to write out the instructions on how to install the said actions…which I needed.
So, here are my samples using one of the actions I downloaded. The one I used was Perfect Portrait!

Here is the original pic from the camera as a JPG.
Here is the same pic that I used the RAW version to increase the blacks and increased the clarity and vibrance. I think the picture looked good from there too!

Now here is the picture with the action Perfect Portrait run on the RAW picture that I had edited above.
Here is the same action ran on the original JPG. It is okay, but I think I like how it looks on the RAW photo more. Gotta love how this is all a personal opinion for the artist who took the photo! Not everyone will love what is done, so don't be offended if others don't like what you have done, what do you like?
I really like what this action added to the picture. I have no clue how to use my Photoshop Elements to create the actiosn for this picture on my own, nor do I desire to spend hours trying to figure it out. I am thankful that someone else is willing to share her time with me! Yeah for Rita at Coffee Shop!


  1. i like the last one and your edit... the last one brightened the brights without a SUPER washout effect and without too much orange.

  2. I agree, it does look the best!