Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Great Outdoors

I beleive that I am going to have to keep going back to the new life growing up around us this spring for color inspiration. I know that there is till lots and lots of drab all over, BUT, if you look really closely you can find little sprouts on the trees and some green grass coming in too....look, really look, it is worth it!
I have also noticed that not only is the grass growing in, but there is green moss growing on the trees, even the dead ones. It is fun to try and capture color now as spring is drifting in. I think we would have even more, but the April showers haven't really arrived yet. We keep being threatened with rain, but I have yet to see a shower arive.

So in the mean time, I will enjoy the sprouts of grass that are in the property behind us and the moss on the trees on the walking path near us. I am thankful that we have some outdoors to enjoy while we wait for summer to come!

1 comment:

  1. such a beautiful place to live. nature is wonderFUL isn't it?