Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Color Phrases!

I posted a question last week in regards to coming up with other color phrases that come to the mind of my friends when they hear, "In search of color, where's all the color, our need for color and desperately seeking color". Well, I have some very, very creative friends and here are the ideas they come up with:

Experience color
Indispensable color
Tormented by color
Color obsession
Thoughtful minds love color
Color looks good on you
Picturesque Color
Color Collision
Color Examined
Examining Color
Color Quest
Pursuit of Color
Color Exploration
On Course for Color
Chart a Course for Color
Color Matters
A World of Color
Insatiable Color
Unending Color
Forever Color
Colorful Desire
Desiring Color
Destined for Color
The Color of Joy
Encounter Color
Experience Color
Color Experience.
Discover Color
Reaching for Color
Color Hunt
Hunting for Color

Isn't it amazing how many different phrases that they came up within a very short time! I was amazed and proud to be associated with such creative people. With so many choices though, it made it hard to choose, but the in the end the phrase Pursuit of Color stood out! I forgot to point out to everyone that the winner of the contest was Dawn Jansen and for her efforts in creativity I owe her a cup o' joe at her place of choice... If you want to get to know my lovely friend better, you need to venture over to Simply Dawn and see her for your self :)! She is amazing!

Thanks to everyone who entered...I love you all!

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