Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mandisa and Brandon Heath Concert

I can't wait to post more pictures from the Mandisa and Brandon Heath concert. I just have a few clients to take care of and then I will get back to sorting and posting more. It was a great time!

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  1. so cool!:) I love all the BW presets also great job!:)Hey so I was wondering if I could highlight Cheryl and yours wedding business on my blog? I couldn't remember what it was called. And maybe if you emailed me some of the pics you guys did I could put them with the post. If its ok with you guys. I got asked to do LInda Bueckers wedding this fall to Gene. Its paying and I am excited but I really am not going to push weddings. If I know the people I will but as far as advertising it I would rather be a back up. Anyway I thought it would be another outlet for some advertising for you guys. Not that I have such a huge blogroll lol but you never know!!!:)