Thursday, March 14, 2013

ihpoc Photography Short Series - My Favorite Tips of the Trade #1

I thought I would take the time and a few posts to share some of my favorite photography tips that have been given to me over the years. To start off I should let you know that I am a hands on learner. Reading a manual has never been or will be a way for me to learn how to do something. Because of this, it has taken me longer to master some of the skills that others may have learned much quicker. I absolutely have many more things to learn. To be honest, I look forward to every new moment to learn them all. Photography is such an amazing, dream come true for me. One that I didn’t even know I was missing until it was here. I am so grateful for it! 

Along the way, I have either read about these things, OR, someone has graciously shared these tips with me. For those that have taken the time to help me on my journey, thank you. I can only hope that there are some helpful hints in this collection of tips that could be useful to someone else on their photographic journey.

Here is tip number one from my favorite photography tips of the trade:

#1 Always make sure that your focal point is on the eye when doing a portrait. Sharp eyes are super important for your pictures to be amazing. I usually toggle my focal point to move it to the eye I am focusing on. Some folks do the focus and then recompose, but for me I found it to leave room for error. I have to say though that there are many that use it very successfully. I think it was a lot more important when there were fewer focal points on the cameras, but now days a lot of the cameras have a lot of focal points to choose from. How ever you do it, just be sure to focus on the eyes. Here is a good site to give you more details on focusing. 

Come back tomorrow for the next tip. 

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