Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ihpoc Photography Short Series - My Favorite Tips of the Trade #6

Here is tip number six from my favorite photography tips of the trade:

#6 Now, my favorite tip has been to not only shoot to the main histogram, but to actually pay more attention to the red one. That one is the master of all for sure.  If you pay attention to that one more than the others and have it be balanced to the center, skin tones will be perfect, every time. I am sure that everyone has had pictures taken of people that somehow everyone has the same skin coloring. We know that everyone has a different skin tone though so I make it my goal to have people look as natural as possible. This tip was given to me by a very amazing photographer and I am sooooo grateful for her advice. It changed everything. On top of that working, it helped me to blow my highlights less often. Somehow the red one is the magic one.

Come back tomorrow for the final tip in ihpoc's favorite photography tips.

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