Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yesterday’s Snow Fall

I was so excited that there was snowfall yesterday that I spent a good hour driving around taking pics. It was sheer bliss!IMG_4515IMG_4367IMG_4377IMG_4380IMG_4383IMG_4388IMG_4391IMG_4394IMG_4402IMG_4404IMG_4407IMG_4412IMG_4416IMG_4420IMG_4423IMG_4428IMG_4436IMG_4438IMG_4440IMG_4443IMG_4449Sorels rock in the snow!IMG_4451IMG_4454IMG_4457IMG_4459IMG_4461IMG_4463IMG_4466IMG_4473IMG_4474IMG_4477IMG_4479IMG_4508IMG_4512Trusty four wheel drive vehicle that got me everywhere!IMG_4513

1 comment:

  1. as always, i love your bridge shots. the water in bw is very dramatic. i don't think that i missed the snow this winter as much as you have. i also haven't seen/heard any snowmobiles out this season.