Saturday, March 17, 2012

William Sauntry Mansion

IMG_4620Minsan and I took a night off from life and headed down to Stillwater for a night. We had a delightful time on the way down there with the goal of ending up here for the night.

I wandered around and took a few pictures of some of the rooms in the bed and breakfast. IMG_4629IMG_4633IMG_4634IMG_4635IMG_4637IMG_4628IMG_4643

I chose our room because of the cool four poster bed. It was so pretty! The room also had a hot tub and a fireplace, which each room did. Lovely!IMG_4646IMG_4649IMG_4650IMG_4656IMG_4661IMG_4624

The following day we had a yummy breakfast. Part of my favorite part of staying at a B&B is the breakfast. You never know what you are going to get (but it is usually good) and you never know who else will be there. Usually it is whomever else is staying that night is also there for breakfast. This time, it opened up for a great lively discussion. Plus, the food was good. I told them ahead of time that I was gluten free and they gave me a great gluten free breakfast. IMG_4672Minsan’s scones looked and tasted good. I had some yummy gluten free toast.IMG_4673IMG_4675Minsan had freshly made rum cake and I got homemade ice cream. YUM!!!!IMG_4678IMG_4676Best Day Ever!!!!

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  1. great shots, you captured the ambiance perfectly. the hallway, window, wallpaper shots are perfect.