Thursday, March 15, 2012

365 Assignment B&W

I picked the assignment this week. I chose Black and White. It is an interesting challenge because I am a pursuer of color. Which is all good and well until I choose B&W for the topic. I have learned that not all things look good in black and white and something’s look way better!

I am going to share my preferences below. Feel free to share your same preferences.

Better in color right?IMG_8092IMG_8092-2Better in color too. Hmmm, love the bokeh too in color better. This was originally my plan for a black and white shot today.IMG_8090IMG_8090-3

I like this one better in black and white. IMG_8097IMG_8097-2Preferred this one in color, but it isn’t bad in black and white. I felt like the black and white lost the tried and true mirror effects of the reflection though.IMG_8110IMG_8110-2This one was funny in that it was already black and white to begin with. IMG_8112-2Although I did do the official black and white touch which most certainly added some additional drama. I like it better. IMG_8112Still like this one in color. IMG_8124IMG_8124-2In the end, this was the winner of the shot of the day for my 365 posting. IMG_8118

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